Q. Does Atlantis Homes build in West University?

A. Yes, Atlantis homes builds in West University, Spring Valley, Braes Heights, and other communities inside loop 610.

Q. Does Altantis Homes build in the Clear Lake area?

A. Yes, Atlantis Homes also builds in Fairmont Park, La Porte, Shoreacres, Shady River, League City, Friendswood, Hunters Creeks Estates, El Lago, Taylor Lake Estates, Seabrook and Taylorcrest.

Q. Does Atlantis Homes build in the flood plain?

A. Yes, Atlantis Homes is highly experienced in building all types of flood plain construction. Over the years the majority of homes Atlantis has built have been located in the hundred year flood plain.

Q. Why is Atlantis Homes so much more affordable than other custom home builders?

A. Atlantis Homes has an extensive track record of creating exceptional value. Atlantis Homes likes to ensure that the home owners that it builds for have substantial amounts of positive equity. Typically homes that Atlantis builds are ten to twenty percent below appraised value. Atlantis is able to do this through a lean managment structure and superior sub-contractor management and aggresive purchasing of materials.

Q. How much does it cost per square foot in Shoreacres?

A. Average cost per square foot of living area in Shoreacres is typically sixty five dollars per square foot.

Q. Will Atlantis Homes demolish my old house?

A. Yes, often Atlantis will do the demolition directly and save you money.

Q. Do I need a complete set of plans to receive an estimate

A. No. Atlantis Homes can provide you with a close estimate from floor plan info available online.

Q. How far from downtown Houston will Atlantis build?

A. 55 miles

Q. What size homes does Atlantis build?

A. Atlantis builds all sizes of homes through out the Houston area

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